About me

I’m a Colombian design enthusiast.
My passion for design started when I was a kid ( it is just that I didn't know it was called design ), always curious, imagination addicted, and fascinated with the ‘What If’ question. Over the years in the design world I have achieved many things and proven to myself that I am capable of taking on any challenge; the concept, the emotional part of the product and the playful and friendly language has been a part of every project I am involved in. I studied a 5 year program Industrial Design BA in the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and I am currently studying an MA in Advanced Product Design in the Umea Institute of Design in Sweden.
Some of my skills are a problem solving attitude, fast learning, team work, project management, graphic information abstraction and communication, mockup modeling, clay sculpting, some stop motion animation, some matte painting, eye for camera motion, colors, composition and angles, starwars fan, amateur bass player, doodle sketching, and just in case you’ve read all this paragraph I can make up to 124 lines of tetris in 2:00 min, yes!

I invite you to take a look at my work
Please feel free to contact me.


you can also visit www.000CAT000.com to get detailed information and more material of some of my projects. including the Peugeot RD and my BA Thesis project.

Some of my projects awards:

IF Student Design Award /// Awarded ( 2015 )
IDEA Award /// Finalist ( 2014 )
Lapiz de Acero /// Awarded ( 2013 )
Red Dot Design Award /// Awarded ( 2012 )
NAIAS Detrot Auto show /// Exhibited design ( 2011 )
Designboom's Renault 4 ever competition /// Finalist ( 2011 )
II Bienal Iberoamericana de diseño /// Awarded ( 2011 )
Michellin challenge design contest /// winner ( 2010 )
Shanghai Auto show /// Full scale model ( 2009 )
Peugeot Design contest 2008 /// Winner ( 2008 )
MTV latinamerica filler contest /// top 5 ( 2007 )